All unnamed buildings within each of the seven faculties are part of the present focus of the Naming and Renaming project aimed at building an inclusive institutional culture that resonates with the values of Nelson Mandela.

George Campus staff, students and interested external stakeholders are also engaging on matters of naming in a process that should signal our collective commitment to building a university that is keenly aware of its past, and wishes to establish a new decolonial identity. The Campus recently held a successful dialogue with a panel of historians engaging with staff, students and external stakeholders on the history of campus and its surrounds.

These interactions following the launch of the Naming project and renaming of eight Port Elizabeth student residences in May this year.

Faculty-driven process

Each faculty is driving its own consultation process in choosing appropriate names for unnamed buildings linked to their faculties, while the Dean of Students is leading the process around all student-related places and spaces.

At present the focus is on new, unnamed buildings.

Buildings under discussion

The new faculty buildings under discussion for possible naming include:

  • The two new Engineering buildings on North Campus
  • The Foundation Phase building on Missionvale Campus
  • The buildings that are being revamped for Health Sciences and the Medical School on Missionvale Campus
  • The Business School on Second Avenue Campus
  • The new Science building on South Campus, and
  • The yet-to-be built extension for the Law Faculty on South Campus

Each faculty has identified a champion in leading the consultation process among those who have a vested interest in the said-building – staff, students, alumni and other stakeholders – in seeking a suitable name. These are significant names that will resonate with our ethos as Nelson Mandela University, are of relevance to the primary users, will seek to inspire us and will build social cohesion.

For a full list of naming criteria and the policy that contextualises this process, go to Naming and Renaming website https://naming.mandela.ac.za/

Each faculty is at varying stages of their engagement processes, and are using the opportunity to educate and appreciate the views of all stakeholders. The process itself – though never easy given the importance attached to names - is also aimed at building social cohesion as stakeholders participate in robust debate to reach consensus on a chosen name. 

Approval process

All proposed names need to be motivated and follow an approval process, starting with the recommendations to the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee. The recommended names are then forwarded to Manco for approval, and if deemed necessary, on to Senate and Council. The renaming of a campus, for example, would need the highest level of approval from Council.

Have your say

In the spirit of inclusivity, transparency and engagement, everyone has a voice in this process. The website – as the go-to destination for all matters relating to this mammoth project – offers you the opportunity of having your say. Go to https://naming.mandela.ac.za/

For further guidance, contact naming@mandela.ac.za

Naming and Renaming Working Group